Rotterdam is a popular tourist destination with plenty of quality hotels. Some hotels, such as Intel Hotels, Mainport, Nhow Rotterdam & Holiday Inn will have OH MY themed rooms which we highly recommend. Please note that transportation to De Kuip is not included in hotel bookings.


Travelling to The Netherlands for OH MY!? The airport closest to De Kuip is Airport Rotterdam The Hague, however not many flights arrive there. Don’t worry though as from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam it’s only a 40 minute train ride to Rotterdam Central Station.



Parking your vehicle at the venue, or hitching a ride? Find out what you need to know before you get there.


Venue address: De Kuip Van Zandvlietplein 1, 3077 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands

There is a tram stop in front of Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip. The name of the stop is Stadion Feijenoord.


  • From Rotterdam Central Station take tram 23 (direction Beverwaard) and exit at Stadion Feijenoord.
  • From train station Lombardijen take tram 2 (direction Charlois) and exit at Breeplein. From here it’s a 5-minute walk via Breeweg over the stadium viaduct.
  • The Intercity from Lelystad C-Dordrecht v.v. and the Sprinter Den Haag Centraal - Dordrecht v.v. will have an extra stop at Rotterdam Stadion and extra shuttle trains will be deployed from Rotterdam Stadion to Rotterdam Centraal on the way out. These will become visible in the travel app 10 days before the event.

For more information visit the website of the RET.

There is a train station at Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip. The name of the station is Rotterdam Stadion. Please note that only Sprinter trains stop at Rotterdam Stadion. There are two other train stations conveniently located 15 minutes’ walk from De Kuip: Rotterdam Zuid and Rotterdam Lombardijen.

For specific train travel information please visit

If you are coming from Rotterdam Zuidplein travelling by bus is a good option. The closest bus stop to the stadium is Breeplein.


  • From Zuidplein take bus 77 (direction SS Rotterdam) and exit at Breeplein. From there it’s a 5-minute walk via Breeweg over the stadium viaduct.

If you are travelling on the Rotterdam Metro, you will have to change to a tram at metro station Wilhelminaplein to reach Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip.

  • Take line D (direction De Akkers) or line E (direction Slinge) from Rotterdam Central Station. Exit at the metro station Wilhelminaplein and change to tram 23 (direction Beverwaard). From here you can exit at tram stop Stadion Feijenoord.
Would you like to avoid the crowds as much as possible? Take the bike to the stadium! You can park it next to our ticket offices (at Olympiaweg 50, Rotterdam). We have space for over 600 bikes.
Plan your bike journey to Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip
Parking at P5C  (Comfort Parking)
If you bought a Comfortable Parking ticket. You will park at P5C which is located next to the Gamma. The parking area can be reached through the Korte Stadionweg where you will have to turn right to reach the area. 
Parking at P6  (Regular Parking)
If you bought a regular parking ticket you will park at P6. This parking area is located next to the McDonalds. The area can be reached through the John F Kennedylaan. 
The address is Van Zandvlietplein 1, Rotterdam. Plan your car journey to De Kuip.


Football stadium De Kuip is conveniently located just south of Rotterdam’s city centre and very easy to find.

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